School Sport SA-Triathlon Championships - Individuals
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21 February 2018
Provisional Results. Please email any queries to Event Strategies before 6pm Friday 23 February after which results will be proclaimed “FINAL"
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
400Max ROOCKENot startedSNRMaleFaith Lutheran College  Senior Boys
401Hadi MUSAWYNot startedSNRMaleRoma Mitchell Secondary College  Senior Boys
402Hugh MCDONALDNot startedSNRMaleNuriootpa High School  Senior Boys
403Thomas WAPLESNot startedSNRMaleNuriootpa High School  Senior Boys
404Denis VALENTINNot startedSNRMaleHenley High School  Senior Boys
405Tyson KENTNot startedSNRMaleLoxton High School  Senior Boys
406Josh VOUMARDNot startedSNRMaleLoxton High School  Senior Boys
407Jonah GEORGENot startedSNRMaleLoxton High School  Senior Boys
420Meredith NORMANNot startedSNRFemaleSt Aloysius College  Senior Girls
430Ashley MCINERNEYNot startedINTMaleFaith Lutheran College  Intermediate Boys
431Ned GRIEVENot startedINTMaleFaith Lutheran College  Intermediate Boys
432Thomas CARSONNot startedINTMaleRostrevor College  Intermediate Boys
433Aidan PROKOPECNot startedINTMaleRenmark High School  Intermediate Boys
434James DE GILIONot startedINTMaleRoma Mitchell Secondary College  Intermediate Boys
435Oscar CORLISNot startedINTMaleMarryatville High School  Intermediate Boys
436Anthony DE RUVONot startedINTMaleHenley High School  Intermediate Boys
437William GILLETTNot startedINTMaleLoxton High School  Intermediate Boys
438Monty WALLNot startedINTMaleLoxton High School  Intermediate Boys
439Jye ARNOLDNot startedINTMaleLoxton High School  Intermediate Boys
440Nick BLACKMANNot startedINTMalePembroke School  Intermediate Boys
441Marcus CHLANDERNot startedINTMalePembroke School  Intermediate Boys
442Eddy NEWBERRYNot startedINTMaleSacred Heart College  Intermediate Boys
443Zach SHINNICKNot startedINTMaleSacred Heart College  Intermediate Boys
450Georgia PATERNot startedINTFemaleRenmark High School  Intermediate Girls
451Makayla ROBERTSNot startedINTFemaleHenley High School  Intermediate Girls
452Jessie WOOLDRIDGENot startedINTFemaleLoxton High School  Intermediate Girls
453Tori VOUMARDNot startedINTFemaleLoxton High School  Intermediate Girls
454Chloe SHARRADNot startedINTFemaleLoxton High School  Intermediate Girls
460Jake REIDNot startedJNRMaleSt Francis Xavier  Junior Boys
461Noah MCDONALDNot startedJNRMaleSt Francis Xavier  Junior Boys
462Riley JONESNot startedJNRMaleSt Francis Xavier  Junior Boys
463Tom WILEYNot startedJNRMaleSt Francis Xavier  Junior Boys
464Jack PIASANTENot startedJNRMaleRostrevor College  Junior Boys
465Declam NUNNNot startedJNRMaleRostrevor College  Junior Boys
466Maison GOODMANNot startedJNRMaleRenmark High School  Junior Boys
467Darcy STEPHENSNot startedJNRMaleHenley High School  Junior Boys
468Naish ALLENNot startedJNRMaleHenley High School  Junior Boys
469Tyler HOBBYNot startedJNRMaleLoxton High School  Junior Boys
470David ENDLICHNot startedJNRMaleImmanuel College  Junior Boys
471Finn DOWNIENot startedJNRMaleHenley High School  Junior Boys
480Lily BEDFORDNot startedJNRFemaleGlenunga International HS  Junior Girls
481Lalibela CAUDOUXNot startedJNRFemaleGlenunga International HS  Junior Girls
482Cartia DE LESONot startedJNRFemaleSt Aloysius College  Junior Girls
483Prudence BEAUMONTNot startedJNRFemaleSt Aloysius College  Junior Girls
484Aaliyah ZAMORANot startedJNRFemaleSt Francis Xavier  Junior Girls
485Diana BOBKOVANot startedJNRFemaleSt Francis Xavier  Junior Girls
486Olivia WALLACENot startedJNRFemaleSt Francis Xavier  Junior Girls
487Madelyn LONGNot startedJNRFemaleRenmark High School  Junior Girls
488Zoe CARTERNot startedJNRFemaleBrighton Secondary School  Junior Girls
491Tabitha ROBERTSNot startedJNRFemaleHenley High School  Junior Girls
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