EFM Triathlon / Duathlon
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17 February 2018
Provisional Results. Please email any queries to Event Strategies before 6pm Tuesday 13 Feb after which results will be proclaimed “FINAL”
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Member 1
Team Member 2
Team Member 3
Age on Race Day
1875Zoe DUFFY00:59:05.5U301Female1City - Angas St   28Tri Long
2879Stuart GEPP00:59:26.830391Male1Port Adelaide    32Tri Long
31005Josh DUTSCHKE00:59:48.230392Male2Mitchell Park    Tri Long
4886Tim SCARMAN01:00:17.240491Male3Mawson Lakes   44Tri Long
51003Scott DUTSCHKE01:00:18.430393Male4Mitchell Park    Tri Long
6864Flinders Park 101:01:23.1TM1Male5Flinders ParkPeter PapadoupolousWade MastersMatthew Arnold0Tri Long
7869Stirling 101:01:53.5TX1Mixed1StirlingTerry NaughtonAndy MoritzSuzie Moritz0Tri Long
8890Joy GAILER01:02:03.640491Female2Unley   46Tri Long
9876Travis MUSTER01:02:16.330394Male6Mitchell Park   30Tri Long
10871West Lakes 101:05:12.4TX2Mixed2West LakesSimon GiessaufSean CareyMary Kohler0Tri Long
11865Urrbrae 201:06:03.0TM2Male7UrrbraeAdelmo LacotaLeigh FrancisGraham Adams0Tri Long
12884Barney GASK01:06:05.040492Male8Unley   42Tri Long
13880Ed SCAMMEU01:06:53.130395Male9North Adelaide (Wch)   35Tri Long
141006Kahley SCOTT01:07:35.130391Female3Mitchell Park    Tri Long
15885Leon RAYMOND01:08:00.340493Male10Osborne   43Tri Long
16899Mark BAILEY01:08:06.150591Male11Flinders Park   59Tri Long
17888Rob DALY01:09:01.540494Male12Port Adelaide    45Tri Long
18867Port Adelaide 201:09:32.6TX3Mixed3Port Adelaide Alex NewellMark BoyleMichelle Boyle0Tri Long
19896Marcus LACEY01:09:54.550592Male13Stonyfell   56Tri Long
201004Brady SCOTT01:10:31.730396Male14Mitchell Park    Tri Long
21882Stacy FROGLEY01:11:33.630392Female4Mount Barker   36Tri Long
22868Port Adelaide 301:11:41.7TX4Mixed4Port Adelaide Peter BeareKylie LaGroneTerry Mader0Tri Long
23894Angela POTTER01:11:47.250591Female5North Adelaide (Wch)   53Tri Long
24891Les ALLEN01:12:31.140495Male15Belair   47Tri Long
25892Philip BEVAN01:12:35.050593Male16Osborne   50Tri Long
26895Martin WRIGHT01:12:58.750594Male17City - Kws   56Tri Long
27861Port Adelaide 101:13:01.9TF1Female6Port Adelaide Nikki BoyleAli MinigallLisa Pavljuk0Tri Long
28799Bill GOODWIN01:17:48.560691Male18West Lakes   64Tri Long
291008Steve DASKALAKIS01:19:33.230397Male19Port Adelaide     Tri Long
30897Jane HOCKING01:22:25.450592Female7Unley   57Tri Long
31878Caitlin ALVARO01:23:53.130393Female8Torrensville   31Tri Long
32866Holden Hill 101:24:05.1TX5Mixed5Holden HillAlex TarataLucas TarataBillie Tarata0Tri Long
33887Ben PUDNEY01:27:49.840496Male20Osborne   44Tri Long
34893Jennifer SMITH01:29:11.850593Female9Rostrevor   51Tri Long
35881Tracey TOLARI01:31:29.630394Female10City - North Terrace - Rah   36Tri Long
862Woodville 1Not startedTFFemaleWoodville Angela LewisTaylor Lewis 0Tri Long
870Urrbrae 6Not startedTXMixedUrrbraeHayley StavvouTravis Meech 0Tri Long
873Apryl KOCHNot startedU30FemaleNorth Adelaide (Wch)   26Tri Long
874Jarad SAVAGENot startedU30MaleOsborne   27Tri Long
877Mark WHITENot started3039MaleMawson Lakes   31Tri Long
883Kylie PINNUCKNot started4049FemaleUnley   41Tri Long
889Glenn WATLINGNot started4049MaleOsborne   46Tri Long
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