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5 Aug 2018
Provisional Results. Please email any queries to Event Strategies before 6pm Wed 8 August after which results will be proclaimed “FINAL”
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Age Group Series Points
Gender Series Points
Pace *
9Dave ATZENot started30-34Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
15Melanie CUMMINSNot started30-34Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
22Chris JENKINSNot started50-54Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
38Kieran ROOKENot started20-24Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
71Mark KENNEALLYNot started30-34Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
83Sahra DANIELSNot started40-44Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
84Neville DANIELSNot started40-44Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
89Marc BURDONNot started35-39Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
108Kate COXNot started45-49Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
118Luke WHITENot started30-34Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
119John REDMONDNot started25-29Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
132Brenda MUNRONot started40-44Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
136Jane FOUNTAINNot started35-39Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
184Joe HEDGESNot started30-34Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
185Vicky ROUNDINGNot started45-49Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
188Alessandro MISELLINot started40-44Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
192Lisa DAVISNot started40-44Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
212Patrick HUNTNot started25-29Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
232Paul BERRYNot started30-34Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
234Jana SHEPHERDNot started35-39Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
243Craig MCALONEYNot started45-49Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
246Corrine CORNISHNot started45-49Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
280Michelle SPREENot started40-44Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
297Kevin THOMSONNot started50-54Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
355Dale GRIMMONDNot started30-34Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
391Ryan BUTLERNot started40-44Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
408Dylan GEORGENot started30-34Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
477Kate ROBERTSONNot started25-29Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
525Jarred DOWSETTNot started25-29Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
655Danielle QUINNNot started40-44Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
656Scott WILLIAMSNot started45-49Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
657Millie TIPPLENot started30-34Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
674Graham MCLEANNot started50-54Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
776Karleen THORNTONNot started50-54Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
845Jessica DIXONDNF20-24Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
885Jackie GUIDOLINNot started55-59Female 023.69 24K 7:30am
896Manchun CHEUKNot started25-29Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
900Matthew KENNYDNF30-34Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
925William PINKNot started20-24Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
947Andrew LOUDONNot started50-54Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
963Ben PLUSHNot started35-39Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
977Peter CAYTONNot started40-44Male 023.69 24K 7:30am
266632Stirling GREENEKLEE04:06:11.45755-598Male16612323.6910:23 min:sec/km24K 7:30am
268633Jen GREENEKLEE04:06:12.61755-598Female10112323.6910:23 min:sec/km24K 7:30am
267634Stephen NEWMAN04:06:12.25330-3428Male1673323.6910:23 min:sec/km24K 7:30am
1349Mark BLOOMFIELD01:39:07.22750-541Male1333323.694:11 min:sec/km24K 7:30am
228Matthew FENECH01:39:14.88035-391Male2333023.694:11 min:sec/km24K 7:30am
3581Travis HICKMAN01:40:54.48740-441Male3332723.694:15 min:sec/km24K 7:30am
4512Paul SMITH01:41:22.51330-341Male4332423.694:16 min:sec/km24K 7:30am
5413Shanon GOVINDAN01:42:04.69020-241Male5332123.694:18 min:sec/km24K 7:30am
Page 1 of 7 (310 items)

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